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PlotAi Is way beyond a team chat platform! It’s an Ai platform gives you insights helps your organization
to reach the best work environment, control your risks, predict your team’s problems and Improves their performance based on unquestionable insights.

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Empower teamwork

Increase the efficiency of your team with smoother processes and increase your productivity


motivate your team to be more efficient and responsive to improve the work process

System analytics 

track your employees behavior and manage the system content over all

ensures that your team receives the latest skills

We believes that developing the employees boosts the organization’s performance and takes it beyond expectations, providing different kinds of courses programs and services is our major aspect.


work! and have fun

65% of employees leave their job because they are unhappy with their environment according to the 2018 Employee Engagement & Loyalty Statistics. And for this, we count EjabiBot one of our best features as we help you to build a positive work environment, control your turnover and get the best out of your employees.


Employee engagement

Feedbacks promotes professional and personal growth, helps managers and business owners to increase their team members' potential areas and work on their weak points and build an effective business strategy. For this, we believe SurveyBot is one of our true values.

Shere knowledge

Sharing knowledge provides clear Insights into the employee’s performance. sharing information about what they do well increases a team member’s confidence. and for this, we present one of our features “KnowledgeBot” which allows the employees to share their knowledge with their colleagues by different channels.


Boost your career  

What are your expectations for your career? And what’s your best and shortest way to reach it analyzing our cause roots to improve your career path is a hard process and for that, we gave you NeedsBot which analysis your insights and gives you the best recommendation for your next step.


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